Accessibility projects

Culture for all, culture by all

Art exhibitions can become places for self-expression and exploration by people with special needs and those who work with them.

Reggio Emilia has long been at the national forefront as one of the cities most attentive towards individuals and their needs.

Fondazione Palazzo Magnani shares this awareness and is attentive to the needs, expectations and satisfaction of visitors to the exhibitions. In addition to ensuring physical accessibility to its spaces, it is committed to designing itineraries with social service professionals and people with special needs.

The itineraries include visits to exhibitions, workshops and meetings in cultural venues and other locations. Various approaches ​​and tools are utilised in order to address individuality and specificity, so that each individual can be the custodian of their own idea of ​​beauty, while recognising that there is still much to be accomplished.

An itinerary dedicated to people with special needs. The exhibition experience is prepared and enriched through making art

A project dedicated to people with Alzheimer’s, implemented in collaboration with social and health services

Exhibition itineraries are supplemented by reproductions of several tactile works as a focal point for developing guided tours


Specially designed solutions for visitors to use according to facilitated methods (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

A paid entrance can be left at the ticket office for anyone needing it. A gesture of solidarity towards people experiencing economic difficulties

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